Thursday, November 7, 2013

Wadmalaw Island,

This is random information from wiki. that I picked up about Wadmalaw Island, ( accent on the first syllable)... one of the barrier islands  I visited near Charleston while with Ellen.

 One of the things I liked most about this trip was that the history of the place is in evidence all around you… You can see that this island was claimed for England in 1666. 

Wadmalaw Island was landed upon by Captain Robert Sandford and the crew of the Berkeley Bay in mid-June 1666 after an excursion up the Bohicket Creek. It is believed that Sandford landed where Rockville, South Carolina now sits. On June 23, 1666, Captain and crew carried out the ritual of turf and twig, claiming the land for England and the Lords Proprietors.

In 1670, 148 colonists arrived and settled on the west bank of the Ashley (Kiawah) River. They survived the first four years of poor crop production through the generosity of natives who shared beans and corn. They later moved to what is now Charleston.

In 1890, planters organized the first sailing regatta at Rockville, less than a mile from the tea plantation. The 120th Rockville Regatta was held in August, 2010.

Here are some pics of our visit to Ellen's friends' home where we enjoyed a wonderful lunch.

and yes, those are baby figs in there…

Shrimp creole with bell peppers….an excellent dish

Ellen and I "horse around" on the dock…  ( when I put something in quotes, its usually because I am thinking of my non- English speaking readers!)

low tide and the oyster beds are showing…and there was a heron slipping out of sight

the area has clams and oysters to dig…plenty of shrimp and fish

A view from the house…

 I never got enough of the sheer beauty of the lowlands with its unique land and seascapes, its marsh lands .  The scene changes with the tides by the hour and the colors with the seasons.   

And I can not take for granted the simple pleasure of southern hospitality. 

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