Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Miriam Unger Harper: 1910-1997

Ever since I have been home I have been weeding through my hoard of things, editing everywhere inspired by my trip away.  

 The reason for this purge is that I really stayed in the most beautiful homes the first week in Charleston.  One was traditional but minimalist and one was a collector's paradise.  Both were charming and inspirational.

   Without getting too personal , I want to show you a glimpse of the inside of the first house by showing the work of Ronni's mother, Miriam Unger Harper ( 7/26/10-2/28/97)…. that graces Ronni and Ken's home.  (The other art in the house didn't photograph well... sorry Ken about your fine photos).   I did not capture all of the paintings but this is a good sampling. 

This was my bedroom showing two of Ms Harper's paintings

My bureau and another painting

Another guest bedroom

The same room, another corner

One of my favorite paintings was in a tv room upstairs

Ken's favorite in the back family room

Four paintings above Ronni's love seat in her office alcove

Ronnie's office

In Ronni's office alcove

The colors of this one really speak to me.  The painting hangs behind Ronni's desk.

Ronni's mother, Miriam Harper, came to art late, was never recognized or did shows, but began to study with a teacher at 63 years of age and painted for the love of it.   She was also extremely gifted. 

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  1. Wow...the artist was really influenced by Matisse, don't you think? I have an artist friend in Tulsa who paints a lot like this, with small heads and large hands and feet, mostly women.
    Lovely pictures, lovely home.