Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Pascade. Paris

So what's a Pascade?  My friend and I happened upon a 

little restaurant that caught our eye on our way to

a traditional brasserie lunch that the hotel had 

recommended.  We both did an "about-face" when we saw

the window and managed to snag the last table of the hour. 

Alexandre Bourdas, chef of Pascade

It turns out that a pascade is a sort of crepe soufflé lightly 

caramelized.  It is a traditional dish that comes from Aveyron. 

The name evokes Paques , the French name for Easter.  

The restaurant, Pascade, owned by a young couple,  Laura 

and Marc de Falaise, took off with the discovery of 

Alexandre Bourdas, the former 2 star chef Of SaQuaNa

 in Honfleur.  He suggested that the idea would probably

 work for Paris. 

Laura and Marc de Falaise, owners

Alexandre says that he always had in his head the idea of 

garnishing these little soufflés to make them "sale ou

sucre"…so some he makes as main dishes or starters

and others for dessert.  

A dessert pascade: this one wasn't on our menu

The menu changes weekly and on ours was a choice of :

1. Tarte aux Pommes and Boudin

cream of potatoes with herbs, roasted apples and boudin


2.  Filet d Cabillaud

pieces of steamed cod, salad hearts, cream of chicken 

sauce, lentils w/ old sherry

3.  Coeur d'Artichaut

Artichokes cooked and fried, polenta, chanterelle

mushrooms, lemon and hot pepper

4.  Spaghetti Rave

Hearts of celery (celeri rave), hard cooked egg, parsley, lard and lamb

Main dish pascade: I think this one is the cod

We chose to split the apple and sausage and the

artichoke pascades for our main course so we could each

have a taste.....followed by the mini desserts:  ones with figs and creme 

brûlée, lemon tart with passion fruit sorbet, meringues and a sort of spun

sugar caramel toffee topping.  

This gives you an idea of the "mini" dessert plate. 

mini dessert sampler

Everything was tasty and refreshingly different from the usual French


You can be sure that If I find myself in the second Arrondisement again, 

I will be back there for an unusual treat.  

We already put in our bid as Nice for their next restaurant venue.    Who knows, it might work.

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