Monday, November 18, 2013

Whoa, I'm in Paris

Opera Garnier

I'm sitting in Starbucks near the Opera Garnier, the beautiful opera theatre in Paris. It is the first time I have used my new tablet in a coffee shop.   In fact it is the first time I have sat in a Starbucks in France .  Until last month there was not one in Nice but they snuck it into Nice Etoile while I was away.  I come here because it's the only place I can get a "split shot" (half decaf and half regular coffee)…. and to warm up.

 Yes, Paris is "freezing ass" cold, (3-6 degrees C) , jammed to the gills with tourists (like me) and busy, busy, busy.   Yesterday I tried to go for the expo of Frieda Kahlo and Diego Rivera and there was a two hour wait, outside in the wind... so I went to the Louvre instead.    

Place de la Concorde

A common sight in the Tuilleries

 I am a little disappointed.  My emotional memories of Paris are not matching up with the reality.  However, coming out of the metro yesterday onto place de la Concorde, I glimpsed the majesty and grandeur of the place once again.  And if we can spread the people out a little thinner, as in a park, one can finally feel that it's still Paris, the one in your head, the one in the films.

The great thing is that I was invited to share a room with my friend Allison, whose job brings her here from time to time.  We are staying gratis in the Intercontinental Paris right around the corner from L'Opera.   The hotel itself is an impressive building and the rooms are comfortable and elegant but I need not have fussed that I was underdressed for the place.  There is a bit too much casualness of dress for my taste.   But hey….    What an address!

My room

The atrium dining area

There is still splendor everywhere and there is still glamour too and I think we are all still trying to grab a little piece of that for ourselves. 

And there is the richness of history and art and architecture…..  It is all Paris. 

Off I go to seize whatever I can!!

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  1. Oh, I envy you. I LOVE Paris. I am sorry, though, that you have nasty weather and crowds. I would think the crowds would have thinned much by now. I was there in March once.....cold and dreary but it did not dim the magic.....and Sept once.....perfect. I hope you can still go see Kahlo and Rivera, maybe early next day? I saw them in Mexico City. I cried in front of hers with her veins running outside her body and dripping and losing her lifeblood. I related. I have several good books on her....Am not so fond of Rivera....He was such a jerk.
    Love, Iris