Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Fabulous Fuzi

I haven't talked much about Croatian food.  Mostly I ate fresh fish that was always on offer and irresistible.

 We had a wonderful dining experience for two nights in the Histria Hotel.  Our very accomplished wait person was a woman about sixty whose last name was Sugar.   We were practically the only people to dine so early and she treated us like royalty and her own kind of sweetness.

The last night in Croatia we had the chance to stop by a simple,  country restaurant in a beautiful high ceilinged room.  WE had been following the book of good restaurants that we got from the tourist center and Jeanne knew about this one.

 The building for our last find was old and the ambiance was perfect for a tinge of Autumn which suddenly suited the occasion.  It was to be our last sunset supper looking out the window at a glimpse of the sea.  In the morning we would head out early for the car trip through Slovenia and Italy and then home.

When the Istrian pasta,  fuzi, is made by hand and with care, it is a wonderful pasta and that is what we both ordered.  It was no pasta I have ever seen before...looking kind of like worms...sorry.

 I had mine in a béchamel/ truffle sauce sprinkled with fresh truffle which is a renowned product of Istria.

  Jeanne ordered her fuzi with a light tomato sauce and fresh scampi.   The price was beyond reasonable.

 We finished with a lavender flavored artisanal ice cream with fig and pine nut confiture.

 This goes down as one of my top ten all time favorite desserts and that is saying a mouthful.  As Jeanne says, "that dessert was INSANE!"

  This meal was just the way we wanted to say "au revoir" we will meet again,  to Istria.


  1. More Croatia, More Croatia! Love it!


  2. Well, Joanne... thanks, you followed me to the end of my trip. Hope you get there one day. Istria is a lovely place.

  3. What was the NAME of that restaurant??? I think it closed.

  4. Jeanne, Remember how we went to the tourist office to get a book of top restaurants. That is how we found it again. It wasn't even our first choice but we lucked out. I sure hope it isn't closed. Waaa.

  5. I want some of this, Mary.


  6. Gina. That was the name!

  7. Well, how appropriate, after our friend, with the spelling changed.