Monday, September 26, 2011

Kamenjak National Park: Day Seven

The next day we decided to explore Lower Kamenjak and the Medulin Archipelago, which houses a national park of Croatia.   Having read the information about 30 species of wild orchids, 600 other plant species, dinosaur tracks, sand beaches , 50 registered diurnal butterflies, reptiles, bird fauna etc etc.... we were pretty excited to go see it.

However, it was obviously the wrong time of year to see any of the above.   The peninsula we found was scorched and dusty and as the rangers have decided against paving the road.  Our black Clio was completely dusty by the time we had inched along the first two kilometers.

Nevertheless the beaches beckoned and we had brought all of our swimming gear.  We headed for Safari Cafe and cove that Jeanne had remembered from before and swam in the clear, clean shallow waters.

    The SAfari cafe and watering hole welcomes dogs and children and has an ingenious set up.

  It is set among the reeds, with trees used for shade and lots of funny playground toys and sitting arrangements.

        It's a great idea for a drink, snack or shade as the beach has no place to stick a parasol in the rock slabs and NO SHADE.

After we took as much sun as was wise, we crept back out along the dusty road in our now white car,  and saw inlets and coves which looked inviting.

 I would love to come back in the spring when the flowers and butterflies and orchids are showing.

  Today though, we have seen at least 6 species of beautifully marked fish and perhaps the Istrian sea grass, Posidonia, which among other protected species is found in this marine environment.    We are told that it is home to a few hundred other sea organisms which spawn and reproduce in its meadows.  It is in danger from man and his anchors now and I hope the government will step in and not let the boats in so close.

Maybe next time I come I can take in the visitors center with its aquariums, and numerous displays. We couldn't even find it this trip.... but in truth we had had enough for one day.  A great shower waited for us at Hotel Histria and a good restaurant as well.

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