Monday, September 19, 2011

Novigrad : Loud colors, quiet town

 The day we hit Novigrad  the town was about as sleepy as Porec was touristy.  It was quiet that is, except for the colors .

 Maybe the town council realized that they needed to wake us up.    Ochre green was a big choice with lemon yellow and several shades of burgundy and dusty pink.... Orange, intense orange buildings.    Really original combinations, I must say.

                                Novigrad's famous wall but no one there to see it....

                                        Novigrad's little park with nary a soul in it......

the church with no one praying...

The bell tower with no bells tolling....

The sign of the bell tower which I was too lazy to read....its contagious... this sleepiness.

                              The only thing that woke me up were the colors....crazy ass colors , oh and one more thing.  THe restaurant closed while we were ordering because the health inspectors were there and had given the thumbs down! We had to leave right away.

 Maybe something exciting happened in Novigrad for once.... Maybe they found a human thumb in the stock pot.

We took a table in another restaurant facing the sea.  There was one waitress and four guests.  The pasta was unremarkable.

These are the things I will remember about Novigrad.


  1. Where were all the people?


  2. Siesta, I guess. It is a fishing village so maybe the hard work has been done already early in the morning.

  3. I believe in Siesta time.


  4. Me hour after lunch. My husband says," Relax. Can't you just do nothing for a change. Digest. Digest."