Thursday, September 15, 2011

Second Day: On to Rovinj

On the way to Italy we drove through a raging downpour for hours and there was five minutes of the same our second day.  But then it suddenly lifted and that was the end of a flash-flood, done and over.

 The rest of our trip was marked with clear, hot days some reaching 30 degrees C. or more.  We were lucky to be traveling in Jeanne's Clio with air conditioning and her trusted gps navigation system...Rita.  Rita got us everywhere with a minimum of fuss.  Rita was indispensable.

My friend Jeanne with whom I am traveling,  now has the most visited and celebrated site on Croatia travel.  So I am very pleased to be on this trip with her at my side.   There will be many details of the areas in Istria that we are to visit that you can find in more detail on her site:    

I will just fill in with my impressions and images that I have recorded with my little Canon S90.

Here is the first of several pictures I took of the Lone Hotel., Ravinj.   It is the latest  5 star hotel in Croatia,  designed inside and out by Croatians .....We are lucky to be among the first visitors as it opened this year.

We tour the room which is ultra deluxe ( more later), check out the offerings at the spa (extensive) and take in the exceptional view of old growth parasol pines, cypress and other giant trees which are to thrill my senses for the rest of this trip to Croatia. 

 Whoever placed this hotel knew the beauty of contrasts.  It is cradled in forest as far as the eye can see ... like a giant sailing ship beached in a forest.

 The water glimpsed through the trees below is just too inviting to pass up so we take a couple of lounge chairs in the sun and refresh ourselves in the giant salt water pool.

 This pool is to be demolished next year and two other pools built for the two best hotels along this hotel alley.  It's a shame to destroy this one but as the concierge revealed, its 25 years old.  GAsp.   Aren't you relieved that you are not a pool!

After the swim we treat ourselves to the jacuzzi,  the steam room and  saunas, and recline in the recovery room with heated water beds and cocoon nests of cushions and gauze.   Ah what's for dinner? I could get very used to this. 

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  1. I love your perspective on the hotel and pool!