Wednesday, September 14, 2011

First Day Croatia, Pazin

This handsome property belongs to a family outside of Pazin.  It was our first port of call as we were going to check in on the dental tourism that Croatia is noted for.  Our Dentist was in downtown Pazin and we would drive there tomorrow.

There are a myriad apartments and rooms ( zimmer) to choose from in Croatia, all run by the women of the household, in this case , Danijela Blaskovic , a teacher  who manages  her home apartments at Sarecki Krov Apartments.. email, site:

We were given a wonderful two bedroom place for the same rent ( very reasonable) as a one bedroom... with a lovely set up , TV, disc player, large rooms , appointed kitchen,great shower etc....this with a full dinner which she was loathe to charge for.

  It was , she said , just the dinner she had given the family.  We were grateful for the hearty meal after our long drive across Italy and feasted on lamb/ noodle soup, Croatian gnocchi with chicken, a cabbage relish, fresh rolls, and fritters for dessert.   There was also three kinds of a homemade sweet wine for the "aperitif".  This wine called Biska was offered in three versions: honey, strawberry and MISTLETOE !   I liked this last one best. 

 I am already dazzled by the landscapes and the hospitality of this country.


  1. It looks very nice!


  2. Gorgeous pictures!


  3. Great photos, Mary! Looks like a good trip.


  4. Beautiful Mary!


  5. Oh, I want to be there!


  6. Quite lovely setting with that South Slavic morning brume or mist. Have you been a conscientious flosser? And btw
    avoid that mistletoe. It's toxic. ;-) BB

  7. Hey Bruce, No I haven't and the dentist said that I have the kind of mouth that needs "water jet" cleaning 3 x a year. Never heard of water jet cleaning.

    Our dentist looked like a nice Jewish boy from NYC and was very competent. I wish his office was closer.

    Ok, no mistletoe, till Christmas.

  8. I use a Water-Pik after each meal to banish detritus. It works well, along with a proxabrush. We go to Dr. Baudoin
    42 Rue Verdi 04 93 16 18 43 twice a year for check-up and cleaning. Roxanne thinks he's cute.
    ;-) BB

  9. Well, I might try him, as although my dentist is cute, he is also expensive .... maybe since he has a view of the Med. from his window at Cap 3000!

  10. hello mary welcome back :-) tres belles photos...