Monday, September 19, 2011

Fishing , and eating in Rovinj

Having learned that Rovinj is a lively fishing port, I got up at 7am to catch the boats coming in...... but all I found was this jolly duo putting into the port with a small load of what might have been sea bass.

                             This fellow proceeded to remove the fish from the nets by hand...

     Joined by his burly companion who filled some buckets with fresh water and tossed in the paltry catch.

One fish, mangled by the nets was tossed to this wary customer

who kept looking around for competition from cats and seagulls ...

but this calico calmly waited her turn, hopeful as ever.  Very nice manners for a feral cat.

I was baffled about the lack of boats until later nearing our car for the day's departure, I saw at least three monster, fishing vehicles loading their catch of sardines into a huge truck bound for Italy.

Those styrofoam trays contain about 30 fish each, packed with ice by " Mr. orange waders".

 So that's where all the fishing boats were!!

  Those buoys in the background look like lemons.  I must be thinking of all the great fish and shellfish we have consumed in Croatia already.

   I haven't mentioned the great restaurant, La Puntalina, we found on the waterfront last night.  It was so popular that we had to wait a half hour to get seated on the balcony.

             We didn't mind the wait, the small staff was friendly and extremely busy... fun to watch.

 I ordered mixed seafood grill and that was just right and we talked a bit to a beautiful young couple from Ireland who were already fans of the place.

 As you can see, there was some very original  seating ...I love places where all the rules and regulations haven't spoiled everything.


  1. what a nice trip bella I wish for u to tell me about it... and what about Fabs ?? nice day !!"


  2. I love that crazy table location and the polite and feral cat.

  3. Yes, it was amazingly a cat town. I will do a further post on it later.

    That restaurant was just a fun, crazy set-up. It's very well known as a romantic , special setting. There was girl with a back-pack having a dish and a drink right down by the sea. They put up an impromptu tiny table for her use. Great attitude from the maitre D.