Friday, September 16, 2011

Lone Hotel : Rovinj

"The hotel Lone sets new standards in tourist architecture and interior, not only in Croatia". So says the brochure and it's true!

 Kudos to the whole team of designers and architects and to Maistra the investor  who was prepared to take the risks of abandoning the old trodden pathways. 

 This is the most exceptional modern hotel I have ever had the pleasure to stay in... although I have stayed in 5 star hotels of classical renown and a few contemporary hotels in Paris and London which lack the scope and space needed to succeed in this way.

    One of three indoor restaurants offered in the hotel which opened its doors this year , 2011.
 Our dinner here is of the buffet variety with many choices of courses including salads and starters, main courses (vegetarian or meat), cheese offerings and desserts.

                      I hope that in the future the Lone will offer a restaurant space for a top chef.
This amazing hotel certainly warrants top caliber dining in a discreet setting within it's walls.

The atmosphere is that of spaciousness... clean clear spaces to please the eye with wide hallways in the famous Slavonian light oak to make one feel openness and light which are so needed if one is to feel relaxed and cosseted.

The arcs and angles of the many floors is a visual treat.

 The Transform Easy Chairs are from Moroso, Italy and are exceedingly comfortable flopped up or down.

The basic design concept was to pull the outside into the interior.  This was accomplished by lots of glass and mirrors as well as a wall of ferns and various trees and plantings in the main spaces.

  The feeling of a ship again in the aromatic scented decks that looked like cedar but is perhaps the oak used throughout the hotel.  Couldn't resist wearing the terry-cloth robe that was furnished for guests.  The special fold up chairs are now only used in the Lone but will be available on the market at a later date.   They are beauties aren't they?

Each part of the room is of extremely high design quality and standards.   The lamps are specially designed for the Lone by Dekor of Zabok from oak veneer, just as the paneling of the room.   The lamps have unusual elegance in both the off and on positions.

This fabric backdrop for the beds is easily turned "off" for sleeping but affords a warm coziness ...quite original and effective.

I had to show you the elegant toilet...I know on my rental site they say never to show that, since it puts people off.  Pooey.

  There is a towel warmer under the tiles where the towels reside.  Excellent.

Showing the exterior of the bottom floor restaurant....a fish restaurant if I recall correctly.

        My favorite idea, though, is the placement of the hotel....bringing the outside into the whole experience.

                           I got up early to see the forest against the dawning of the new day.

                            Again the website:   I'll be back here one day.


  1. This is great....the hotel and your comments.


  2. Yes, Martha. You would have loved it. I dream to go there with you one day.


  3. Mary, your photos and your prose on Croatia are just breathtaking.


  4. Mary: looks flawless.........thanks for this


  5. croatia is a paradise! wow! thanks for the great show. hello to jeanne.
    Karen Vikki xoxo